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Search continues for wanted Oklahoma man Michael Vance

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LUTHER, Okla. – It’s been a week since authorities starting searching for a man who is wanted for allegedly shooting several people and killing two of his relatives.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater filed four counts against Michael Vance which include two counts of first-degree murder, unauthorized use of a vehicle and felon in possession of a firearm.

"We're still scared, and I don't know why but we are. He's never met any of us. But, we're still scared,” said Brenda Danker, Ronald Wilkson’s sister.

The family of Ronald and Kay Wilkson spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 4 about the search for Vance who’s wanted for reportedly killing the Wilksons, even allegedly trying to behead Ronald and dismember his wife.

The two were distant relatives of Vance’s, but family members said they barely knew each other.

"This shouldn't have happened to them. They should be here with us,” Danker said.

Authorities have been searching for Vance for a week now.

It started with two Wellston police officers shot at a disturbance call in Lincoln County.

Vance was wounded during the ordeal but managed to get away in a police vehicle.

A short time later, he allegedly carjacked a man then shot a woman and made another getaway.

That stolen vehicle was found at the Wilksons’ in Luther.

According to authorities, Vance stole the Wilksons’ Mitsubishi Eclipse after he killed them.

Hours later, he was seen in Sayre where he reportedly shot another person in the leg at a truck stop and took off again.

“He recently got out of my jail. He was accused of child sexual assault. We were doing an investigation. We arrested him. That is supposedly what set him off, but we don't know that for sure yet,” said Sheriff Charlie Dougherty with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on the night of the incident.

Authorities believe he is still armed with an AK-47 and could possibly have a hit list.

"We have no idea why he targeted our brother like this and our sister-in-law, why he did this to them, we have no idea,” Danker said.

According to authorities, it’s possible Vance is dead since he is believed to be suffering from those gunshots wounds.

However, there’s also been word he could have headed to Las Vegas.

If you have any information about Vance, call the special hotline at 405-246-9205.