“We don’t have any turkeys so far,” Local food pantry asking for donations

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Sister Mable Stoss is doing her life's purpose by donating to the homeless and near homeless.

She started the Free Food Pantry 25 years ago.

It helps with food, utilities, clothing, transportation and furniture.

This time of year, they also help with Thanksgiving food baskets.

Right now, Sister Mable said she needs a lot more donations for the holiday though.

"We don't have any turkeys so far,” Sister Mable said.

She said the state budget cuts have hurt her nonprofit from getting aid.

"We have approximately 200 families, needy families who aren't going to have a Thanksgiving if we don't help them this year," she said.

Some of those who need help are Oklahomans who can't get out of the house.

"Some of them are senior citizens who have given the best years to their family, and now they have no one to depend on," Sister Mable said.

She and 20 volunteers will hand out bags of food November 18.

Then, they'll deliver the rest of the fixings the next Monday to seniors and those with disabilities.

Every one in need has their own story.

Sister Mable remembers the impact on one family last year.

"I cooked their Thanksgiving dinner, and I delivered it to the site where they were staying and they had about three or four children, so they were very happy about that."

Sister Mable is hoping to make hundreds of other families happy this year with the help of the community.

If you’d like to donate food or money to the Free Food Pantry, call 405-721-6763.

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