And the winner is… 4 out of 5 zoo animals predict Trump wins the election

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In a wild election season, some wild animals from around the world are taking turns predicting the next president of the United States.

A zoo in Russia gave two pumpkins to both a polar bear and a female tiger.

"Felix" the polar bear sniffed both pumpkins, then ate the flag with Donald Trump's face on top of his pumpkin, thus casting his vote for the Republican candidate.


The female tiger named "Yunona" chose the female human - by slamming the pumpkin carved with Clinton's face onto the ground.

In Abilene, Texas a couple of lions were given the choice between a blue ball, representing a Democratic vote, and a red ball, symbolizing a vote for the Republican candidate.

The female lion chose the red ball, then tossed it around with her male companion.lions

In China, a monkey named "Geda" was presented with two cardboard cutouts of our presidential candidates.monkey-chooses-trump

Geda jumped onto Trump's cutout and began kissing his face!bear-chooses-cleveland

Geda correctly predicted Portugal to win the Euro 2016 Soccer Championship last summer.

But never fear, Clinton fans - not every animal is gifted with psychic abilities. Two grizzly bears, Jackson and Cheyenne, at the Cleveland Zoo chose the Indians to win the World Series. And we all saw how that went.

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