Alleged bike burglar arrested in Oklahoma City

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An alleged bike burglar is now in jail.

Police say Willis Mosley, 54, is connected to several burglaries in the Heritage Hills neighborhood in Northwest Oklahoma City.

"He did a pretty good number on the window," Dr. Benjamin White said as he showed NewsChannel 4 damage to his garage.

Shattered glass now reminds Dr. White of his encounter with the suspected intruder.

"I was angry, and then after the incident I thought boy that was not a very smart thing to do to confront him," Dr. White said.

The family’s alarm system led Dr. White to his garage.

When he realized someone had broken in, his wife called 911, and he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I said open the garage door and this gentleman comes out carrying one of my bikes," Dr. White recalled. "I should have retreated, but I confronted him and shown my flashlight in his eyes and asked what he's doing in my garage with my bike.”

He said the man set his bike down and ran off.

"You do feel a bit like your security's been violated," Dr. White said.

Several days later, officers were called to the same neighborhood about an attempted break-in.

"Victim called dispatch and advised that a man had just tried to break into her detached garage. She saw him jump into her yard, go over to her garage, then jump back out of her yard into her neighbor’s yard, attempt to get into another garage before he ended up in an ally," Officer Megan Morgan, with OCPD, said.

Police caught up with Mosley and arrested him.

While in custody, police said he “admitted to committing ‘4-5’ more burglaries in the area”.

So far, he has only been connected to three cases, including Dr. White’s.

"To break into a home to steal bikes doesn't make a lot of sense. It doesn't seem to be a very high reward for the amount of risk he's taking. Breaking into a garage in Oklahoma you could very well get shot," Dr. White said.

Police said, as far as they know, he has stolen at least one bike.

They are still investigating other cases.

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