Embryo frozen for 17 years is now a baby girl

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Written on a small, plastic medical straw, in which a tiny embryo labeled "ZXZPN" was frozen for 17 years, is the date November 3rd, 1998.

All those years, that little embryo waited, literally frozen in time, completely unaware of its fate - and the family it would eventually find.

Embryo ZXZPN was part of the Snowflakes Adoption Program, giving unborn babies a chance at life for couples unable to conceive.

Elizabeth and Marty Wilson spent years trying for a second child.

They had nearly given up hope until they learned about the possibility of embryo adoption through donated excess embryos from couples who underwent in vitro fertility treatment.

Tiny Embryo ZXZPN was sent via Fed-ex all the way across the country, and transferred to Elizabeth's womb, allowing her to carry and give birth to her newly-adopted baby - and she now has a name.

Marley Jade Wilson was created back in 1998, before the Wilson's even met, but she has only lived on this earth for five months.

Baby Marley is one of nearly 500 frozen embryo babies in the U.S. adopted out to a loving family.

According to Nightlight Christian Adoptions, more than one million frozen embryos are currently awaiting adoption.

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