This One Is For The Old Pokes

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With Saturday being the final home game of the season, the seniors will be honored. 21 cowboys will be tipping their hats to home crowds in Boone Pickens for the final time and as they near the end of their Cowboy campaigns, the players take time to reflect on just how special this place has been.

"I'll give you one in Boone Pickens, I'd say 2013 when we played Baylor here, it was freezing cold, College Gameday was here. The students turned out fantastic for College Gameday, they were there at six in the morning, it was freezing cold, and we were all there in the hotel saying 'wow these people are crazy.' Then they showed up for the game, we were both ranked top ten in the country, and it just clicked on all cylinders that night, it was a really special night."

"It's definitely going to be emotional for all of us, our last game here, and I feel like, for a lot of them, like we just got here."

"It's a lot of emotions going through it, it ain't going to be real, just going out there the last time, seeing all the fans and my family. I believe it's going to be a great night."

"Just really excited, I can't thank Coach Gundy enough for the opportunity these last five years. It's been an unbelievable ride, and to think it's coming to an end this Saturday is just crazy. It's just crazy how fast it goes by, I can't believe it... just looking forward to going out with a bang."

Something else to take into consideration, James Washington and Mason Rudolph are only juniors but it could be their last game in front of home crowds should they choose to leave early for the NFL draft.

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