Burglar leaves DNA behind in OKC crime

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Police are looking for some help getting to the bottom of a crime at a southside credit union.

Two glass doors were smashed to pieces in the middle of the night Sunday night, allegedly by a burglar who thought he'd score quick cash from the bank vault.

The suspect in this case didn't choose his victim very wisely.

You see, True Sky Credit Union is covered in cameras.

They also have security monitoring the property 24/7, and an electronic system which calls the police within thirty seconds of a break in.

True Sky, formerly FAA Credit Union,  recorded the break-in as a thief first tried the locked back door and then took out two front doors to get in.

"You get a very good look at him," said Oklahoma City Police Master Sergeant Gary Knight. "Enough of a good look that anyone who knows him should know this is him."

Police say the burglar left behind valuable evidence they'll use to catch him, blood smears on the handle of the vault he broke off when he tried to break in.

"The burglar was completely unable to get into it. Obviously these things are reinforced. It would be difficult for anybody to get into it. But he was going to try anyway," Knight said.

According to True Sky Credit Union President and CEO, Steve Rasmussen, the burglar left empty-handed.

"The perpetrator was in the building about four minutes. Fortunately our cameras as you can see got some great pictures," Rasmussen said. "The cash is all secure; locked up. It's safe at night. So, if you break in and think you're going to get into a vault. It's going to take more than kicking in a door."

Oklahoma City Police report the suspect took off right before they arrived, and detectives don't know who he is yet.

They are hoping the public might help authorities identify the suspect.

Call the OKC Crimestoppers hotline if you have any information, 405.235.7300, or you can leave a tip online okccrimetips.com

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