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Dozens protest to protect Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Dozens took to the streets on Friday in show of support for a provider of women’s healthcare.

Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City provides health screenings for low-income women and contraception.

Although it does not provide abortions in Oklahoma, it does provide counseling for the service.

Some supporters say they are still worried that a Trump presidency will soon end the assistance the agency provides.

"Donald Trump has just been elected President, and that's pretty terrifying,” one supporter said.

Trump won every county in Oklahoma but not every voter.

"I believe in Planned Parenthood because I believe what they do is good for women and everyone else they help. I'm scared that they may not be able to do that anymore certain administration,” one protester said.

In 2013, Planned Parenthood lost $500,000 in state funding, and supporters believe the federal funding is now in the bull’s eye with Trump’s election.

Planned Parenthood operates through federal grants.

Sen. Rob Standridge was behind the push to eliminate state funding in 2013.

"As an organization, it's probably outside of most Oklahomans' values,” he said.

Again, abortions are not performed at Planned Parenthood, but they do give counseling and referrals. For the most part, they provide contraception and health services.

"There's probably going to be a desire within some in Congress and the Executive Branch to either defund them or make them more accountable to what they're doing,” Standridge said.

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