Historic Oklahoma cemetery in need of repair

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INGALLS, Okla. - The resting place for a number of veterans is in need of repair.

For two years, Susy Flaming and her husband have spent hours caring for Ingalls Cemetery outside Stillwater.

Using just over $1,000,  they have fixed 28 headstones, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

However, labor has come to a standstill with only $100 left in the budget.

Since 1893, more than 600 people have been buried there.

It is the resting place of Flaming’s relatives, seven Civil War veterans and well-known community members.

“'This is Dr. Pickering. He was the country doctor that treated the wounded of the Dalton/Doolin shootout that happened and the Ingell`s hotel,” Flaming said as she showed NewsChannel 4 his headstone.

Flaming has been working diligently to make sure the people buried at the site are not forgotten.

“I would hope that if my stone was in disrepair that there'd be somebody out there who cared enough to help do something about it,” Flaming said.

After taking pictures of every headstone and plotting each site, she has been working to clean the markers and mend the broken ones.

“It`s a labor of love, you know? When you fix one, when you right it, it'`s just like, yes," Flaming exclaimed.

One by one, she learns about the people laid to rest.

Stories of the mothers, fathers and children who helped build the world we know today.

“I think it`s important to let the community know what historical significance there is right out here,” Flaming said.

If you want to help her restore the cemetery, you can donate on her GoFundMe page.

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