Oklahoma centenarian remembers his time fighting in World War II

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Fred Leason just celebrated a big 100th birthday.

The Prime Minister of Canada even sent him a certificate, congratulating him on becoming a centenarian.

"I'm starting on my second 100," Fred Leason said.

Fred has a lot of stories to tell, but his time with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II may top them all.

He enlisted at 18 and worked as a mechanic on airplanes during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

"They came over with so little training that they didn't really know how to fly the planes and then they came out with this Spitfire which was this 300 mile per hour plus fighter and the boys would land them on the ground without the wheels because they forgot or didn't know how to put the wheels down,” his son Ed Leason said.

Ed says his father was one of the soldiers who managed to escape from Nazi Germany forces on Dunkirk beach - A pivotal moment in World War II.

Fred always told his son he had no idea why the Germans didn't just shoot them all up when they had an open shot.

"I was watching the History Channel one day and they said one of Hitler's biggest blunders was to not annihilate those boys on the beach. The story was he had an anniversary or a birthday or something and Brommell didn't want to interrupt them and the tanks were sitting there waiting for the order,” Ed Leason said.

No order came and Fred managed to escape.

Now as he embarks on a new milestone in his life, Fred remembers what helped him get there.

"I'm proud because I'm a Canadian citizen," Fred said.

"He said he's proud that he's a Canadian citizen. He was able to contribute to the war, the efforts," his son said.

His son is so proud of his dad and all of the other veterans who have served.

"They go over there with a purpose and they do what they're told to do without question and that allows others countries like ours to have democracy and the freedom because of what they've done,” Ed said.

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