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Jordan Evans Playing With New Hunger

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The first player in Sooner history to make two interceptions and two sacks in a single game. And to think Jordan Evans' monster day began on an empty stomach.
"I mean I ate half a waffle, I ate something. But no, just something I gotta do each and every week." Evans said of his pregame preparations.
Fellow teammate on defense, Emmanuel Beal could feel Evans intensity leading up to kickoff, "Jordan, before the game he just sits there and zones in, he does it before every game. I can tell when you're nervous, but today he just zoned in. "
A renewed sense of purpose that was ignited in the wake of the Texas Tech defensive breakdown.
Defensive Coordinator, Mike Stoops, has seen a noticeable difference in Evans. "I'm just proud of him for just accepting some accountability. That to me is a sign of growth with our players. We put a lot on his plate, he kind of organizes the defense and he's a very smart player but, I'm glad to see him make plays now and gain some confidence back and gain some rhythm."
Making plays for number 26 has sort of become a recurring theme for number 26 over the past couple of games. So what's changed? Is is what he had for breakfast? Is it how he's preparing?
Not quite, you might argue that Evans is truly embracing the leadership role that his teammates voted him into at the very beginning of the season.
"I mean I've always kind of known what a leader was, but  I just felt like some of the stuff that the team needed from me, was a little bit more than what I was used to. There's a lot of leaders on the team and we came together, and I try to play one hundred percent and so does Ahmad and so does Steven, making plays and working hard in practice and just being vocal, just everyone does it, it makes it easier on all of us. "