Chef Baker Heating Up

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Trust in the process. For quarterback Baker Mayfield, this season has been a process. He's nowhere near the same quarterback we saw in the first three games of the season. If you ask Lincoln Riley, he'll tell you that trust is what's pushed Baker Mayfield and this offense to new limits.
Riley has seen Mayfield make significant strides over the course of the season. "Overall trust in our skill guys, I think getting settled in with our skill guys, what these receivers do well, and how different we are from where we were last year. And then I think too, just not trying to do everything himself. Just he's played more within the system, he's trusted it, has really settled in well here the second half of the season."
Following the win over Baylor, Mayfield reflected Riley's observations. "Guys are continuing to get more reliable, and I trust them a lot right now, talk about Jeff Mead's catch, just fitting it into a tight window, trusting him to make a catch. And Geno's just a guy that you put it up there for him and he loves to go get it. It's good to see him making competitive catches along with Mark, those bigger body type of guys are making a lot of plays right now. We're in control of our own destiny right now. One game at a time, but it's really exciting to go to Morgantown, they always bring it. It's going to be a great matchup, they're a top team in the Big 12. We need to know what we're getting into and it'll be an exciting one."
"We love it, it'll be a great atmosphere, I've never been there but I know it'll be a rowdy atmosphere and they've got a really good football team and we'll be looking forward to going up there."
Lincoln Riley and the rest of the boys pretty pumped to go to Morgantown on Saturday where they've got a showdown with the Mountaineers who are now 8-1 after a hard fought victory over Texas.