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Good Samaritan’s random act of kindness catches unsuspecting McDonald’s workers by surprise

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FORT WORTH, Texas – While the holidays are just around the corner, one man in Texas knew that now was the time to spread a little bit of kindness.

Lisa Davila said her boss is a regular customer at a McDonald’s restaurant in Fort Worth, but was upset after learning that a woman he knows there is going through some hardships.

“There was a young lady at McDonald’s, who’s a regular there and goes and has coffee, and she happened to be crying and it just broke his heart. So he went over and he asked her what was going on and she was going through some tough times,” Davila told KTVT.

Davila says her boss is also going through a rough time after he was diagnosed with cancer.

At that point, Davila’s boss decided to spread a little bit of kindness to the workers who wait on him at the restaurant.

According to KTVT, he gave each employee $100, even employees who weren’t working when he stopped by the restaurant.

“You could tell it blessed their day,” Davila said. “They didn’t come in there thinking that was going to happen that day.. and that was the best part about it.”

The staff created a thank you card for him should he decide to return.

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