Oklahoma City community using doggie DNA to catch 4-legged offenders

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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s beyond frustrating.

You’re walking through your neighborhood or a local park – and step in a pile of dog waste.

The Springs apartment complex is taking a high tech approach to tracking down the four-legged offenders.

Too often, folks don’t bother picking up after their pets.

“Even if you are standing over there, some people don’t like to walk over here,” the manager told us.

The Oklahoma City complex installed two dozen doggie waste stations to no avail.

To curb the problem, the managers now require a canine registry.

DNA samples are taking on every dog.

“Somebody would know if I didn’t clean up my Great Dane’s mess,” said tenant Brittany Burns.

Maintenance crews scour the property for rogue doo doo.

It’s then sent to a lab for analysis.

“Then, we get an email saying this is Fifi’s feces,” the manager said, and a hefty fine for the poopatrators.

Join us, Tuesday night at 10, as Lance West gets to the bottom of the ‘Poop Police.’

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