Argument outside of Oklahoma City club turns deadly; Police searching for suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A young man was shot to death in the parking lot outside of a northwest Oklahoma City club Thursday morning.

Around 1:30 a.m., shots rang out outside of Avenue 101, near N.W. 59th and May.

Police said two men, the victim and the suspect, got into an argument inside the club.

The disagreement later spilled over into the parking lot.

That is when police said the suspect shot 23-year-old Justin Clark to death.

"Obviously, a very dangerous situation, and it's fortunate no one else was hit," said Oklahoma City Police Dept. MSgt. Gary Knight.

People who work at businesses in the surrounding area said they feel uneasy with something so violent happening close by.

"I turn 22 in less than a month so, to hear that he was so young, it's sad and, really close to where I work, makes me a little nervous now," said Forrest Hale.

Hale said it's discouraging to hear about senseless crimes happening around him.

"I dislike violence a whole lot. Wouldn't it be better if you could agree to disagree, you know? It shouldn't be taken that far," Hale said.

Police said they are relying on witnesses at Avenue 101 to lead them to the gunman.

"Right now, what we know is that we have a green Chevy Impala, supposed to be very clean looking with large chrome rims. Our suspect is a black male with a white t-shirt. He was a backseat passenger in that car," said Lt. Jeff Spruill.

For Hale, he just hopes whoever is responsible for this murder gets caught.

"See some justice," Hale said.

If you know any information about the deadly shooting or the suspect involved, you’re asked to call the Homicide Tip Line at 405-297-1200.