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Star witness testifies in Anne Hill murder trial

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OKLAHOMA - The state's star witness in a murder trial showed up to testify Thursday in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Chadd Raymond is serving 35 years in prison for killing Anne Hill.

He was facing life in prison but struck a deal with the state in exchange for his testimony against the other person prosecutors said was involved, Chloe Thomas.

Prosecutors said Raymond and Thomas killed Hill back in April of 2014 while high on drugs.

Hill, a student at Cassidy School, was missing for about a year, when her skeletal remains were discovered in rural McClain County.

Thomas went to police in October of 2014, telling them she only helped dispose of the body and Raymond killed Hill.

She was originally only charged with accessory to murder.

But, after his arrest, Raymond told his story to police and Thomas's charge was amended to murder.

In his testimony Thursday, he told jurors he and Thomas lured Hill to an Edmond apartment by pretending to be his brother, who Hill had a romantic interest in.

Raymond said their original intent was just to rob her.

But, he said, after he choked Hill and she passed out, they both panicked and he told Thomas they had to kill her or else she would go to police.

Raymond said he told Thomas she would have to finish it and that's when Thomas choked Hill until she died.

He also testified about driving to dump the body in a field.

He said they stripped Hill of her clothes and rubbed Windex all over her body to get rid of fingerprints.

Raymond said they then put a Walmart sack over Hill's head and he beat her face with a wrench so, if the body was discovered, she would be unrecognizable.

He ended his testimony by saying he thinks about what happened that night every day and "she didn't deserve to die."

On cross-examination, the defense attorney got Raymond to admit it was his idea to kill Anne Hill.

And, he pointed out Raymond only told his story to police after he found out Thomas was trying to pin the crime on him.