This holiday display is a bit out of the ordinary but quite fun and unique

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Just like the department stores of old, we found Tony Morton putting last minute touches on his window displays at the Kasum Gallery.

"There's a lot of engineering behind them. That's for sure," he says.

But look a little closer and you won't find your average stocking stuffers in here.

Gallery owner Morton agrees, "This is the one show we do every year where you can find just about anything."

Take a look inside this huge dirigible, or this balloon, or this glass case.

Christmas is a whole new season of gift giving possibilities.

"We get such a weird audience for this show," he says.

A few years ago Morton decided to change-up his annual holiday art shows with ice breakers and conversation changers.

"This time of year we focus on the weird ones."

He set up whole tables full of artist Allin KHG's toy creations.

Press a button and you never know what might happen.

As a black, spray painted pony with a baby head attached wobbles across a table Morton states, "That is arguably one of the most off-putting My Little Ponies you've ever seen in your lifetime."

Morton asked nearly fifty different artists to submit mostly small works, pieces that might be more affordable but different too.

"It's definitely our most visited show of the year," he says.

He also asked his artists to bring in something buyers might be able to hang on their trees.

The same people from Undeveloped Area Farms who brought you an eye made of small bones brought in a diaphanous mouse sealed in glycerine.

"They basically bleached its form," he says.

Another artist offers up a character called Father Flog.

Yet another artist made series of jack rabbits with wings.

Morton says, "This year I asked artists not to make ornaments. I asked them to just make sculptures that happen to hang."

Finding what you want to give is never easy but in here, at least you know you won't find it anyplace else.

The Kasum Gallery is located in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City.

Their Holiday Art Extravaganza runs from November 20 through December 20, 2016.

For more information go to

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