Crooks use giant claw to rip off Oklahoma City construction site

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Construction sites are a popular target for thieves.

They can be a potential treasure trove of tools and other valuables.

"Sometimes, they will use other tools to break in. We've had cases where they show up on construction sites and they've used lumber tools. They will use that to break open windows, break open doors," said Mark Opgrande, a spokesman for Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department.

A burglary at a construction site on N.W. 39th takes stealing to another level.

According to the construction company, "We arrived to find our semi-trailer containing construction materials and tools had been broken into. The thief or thieves used an excavator to rip the bar lock off."

"In this case, they happened to lock up the trailer. But there was an excavator right there they used to break it open. Maybe someone had to have some knowledge to start this thing to go," Opgrande said.

The intruders got away with two gas-powered saws valued at $2,000.

There were no security cameras out there, so the sheriff's department is counting on alert motorists.

They are hoping that perhaps someone driving along busy N.W. 39th St. saw the giant claw in action.

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