“I would want someone to do that for me,” Oklahomans worked to reunite elderly couple with missing dog

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EDMOND, Okla. --  An elderly couple will be reunited with their missing dog, who took off when their car crashed and rolled on I-35.

The wreck tied up interstate traffic between Edmond and Guthrie on Wednesday afternoon.

Both of the victims, Ralph and Darlene LaCroix, were taken to the hospital.

Firefighters tried to grab the family's yellow lab, Duffy, but he escaped from the car and took off.

The couple was just passing through Oklahoma on their way home to Texas.

"We have had multiple sightings just to the west of I-35," said Officer Kenny Stevenson, with Edmond Animal Welfare.

Edmond Animal Welfare was on the case, and they began spreading the word through their Facebook page.

Their original post has been shared thousands of times.

"We want to get their dog back to them," said Stevenson.

Logan County residents have been diligently posting Duffy sightings on Facebook.

Some of the volunteers, like Deb O'Day, are hitting the streets.

O'Day thought she had a hit Thursday, but turns out she spotted a mastiff, not a yellow lab.

"I'm looking for Duffy because I feel bad for the people who lost him, and I would want someone to do that for me," said O'Day.

Ralph LaCroix will be 90-years-old next year, and Darlene turns 84 next month.

Their family tells us they were crushed by the news that Duffy was on the loose.

"It's very important, especially with the cold weather coming up tonight into Sunday morning, that we get some people out there looking," said Stevenson.

The couple's son-in-law, Mike Kistner, drove to Oklahoma from Texas on Friday.

He came with his golden retriever, Gus, who happens to be Duffy's best bud.

They planned to walk and sniff and search until they found Duffy.

Searchers focused on an area in Logan County, west of I-35 and north of Waterloo Road.

On Friday afternoon, Edmond Animal Welfare contacted Kistner after Cristy Irwin ended up finding Duffy.

Actually, it turns out that Duffy found Cristy Irwin.

Irwin says that Duffy showed up at her home about a day ago, so she let him in her backyard to play with her dog.

While talking to a neighbor on Friday, she learned that everyone in town was searching for the little dog that wandered up to her home.

Immediately, she called Animal Welfare to help get Duffy back to his owners.

"Thank you so much for your news coverage," Irwin told KFOR's Ali Meyer. "I'm so glad we could get this dog back with his family."


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