Little Axe volunteer firefighter arrested on arson charges

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LITTLE AXE, Okla. - An Oklahoma volunteer firefighter was arrested Thursday for allegedly setting fires.

One of the most notable fires the volunteer firefighter Danyl Graumann is accused of setting was in Little Axe.

The Little Axe High School field house was set on fire in August, destroying the locker room and all of its contents.

The fire caused about $50,000 worth of damage.

Along with the field house, Graumann is accused of setting four other fires.

The Little Axe Fire Chief said he’s disappointed in the unexpected actions of one of his own.

"I was just devastated and shocked about it and then I got mad," Little Axe Fire Department Chief Allen Schneider said.

Chief Schneider let 18-year-old Graumann go two weeks ago, after he found out the man was being invested for arson.

"I thought he was a good kid," said Schneider.

He said he's known Graumann since he was 16, when he started training for the junior department.

Norman police connected Graumann to setting a number of fires from July to September, including one at his former high school's field house, where apparently he played football his senior year.

"It's very disappointing because you have to be able to trust your brothers and your sisters because your life depends on it," said Schneider.

Norman police said the suspect admitted to setting the field house fire, plus four more fires, all within about five miles of each other.

"I'm speechless on the whole idea that one of my firefighters would go out and destroy other people's property," said Schneider.

Schneider said he hopes Graumann learns a lesson from this act of carelessness.

"I like to see him get help, but he has to pay for what he's done," said Schneider.

He said he also wants to reassure the public his department is here for the right reasons.

"I'd just like to let my community know that I'm sorry this has happened to some of the people in my community and we will still be here 100%," said Schneider.

Graumann is in the Cleveland County Detention Center, facing five counts of second-degree arson.

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