2-year-old battling cancer asking for Christmas cards from around the country

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - It's not uncommon for children to ask for gifts this time of year.

However, one woman in Indiana is reaching out to strangers in hopes of bringing a bit of Christmas joy to her niece.

Kaydence Weaver, 2, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of soft tissue cancer, in July.

While in the hospital, Weaver and her 4-year-old sister heard about another child getting hundreds of get well cards.

Now, the girls are hoping strangers will spread a little bit of Christmas cheer in the form of Christmas cards.

"As long as they have something that I can read to them, and something that they can open up and know that they have something there, whatever they get I know they'll be happy with whatever the results are," Misty Deavers, Kaydence's aunt, told FOX 59.

If you are interested in mailing a card to girls, you can address it as follows:

Kaydence and Salem Weaver

C/O Misty Deavers

PO Box 615

Noblesville, IN 46061.