Platt College donates 200 turkeys to nonprofit agency to help Oklahomans in need

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Thanksgiving will be brighter for a lot of families thanks to the generosity of Oklahomans.

Employees at Platt College in northwest Oklahoma City were busy loading up 200 turkeys for the Free Food Pantry.

Recently, Sister Mable Stoss appealed to NewsChannel 4 viewers for help in providing a holiday meal for those less fortunate.

“We have approximately 200 families, needy families who aren’t going to have a Thanksgiving if we don’t help them this year,” she told KFOR earlier this month.

Some of those who need help are Oklahomans who can’t get out of the house.

“Some of them are senior citizens who have given the best years to their family, and now they have no one to depend on,” Sister Mable said.

Sister Mable says she was floored when Platt College called and wanted to help.

“I just almost dropped the phone when she said, ‘What if we give the whole 200 turkeys?’ And I said, ‘Oh, excuse me?!’ I thought maybe I misunderstood her,” she said.

Sister Mable says the donation will help provide more than 200 Thanksgiving baskets to families here in the metro this holiday.