“You’re not gonna be on this flight,” Pilot has enough of the political bickering on flight

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After this election, a lot of people across the country have had enough of politics.

That includes a United Airlines pilot after crew members had to separate passengers due to political differences.

According to the YouTube description, a man boarded a flight from San Francisco to Mexico and made a comment that upset another passenger regarding politics.

At that point, the pilot addressed the issue over the intercom.

“Nobody wants to argue, nobody’s going to change their mind by arguing. And let’s keep our opinions to ourselves on this particular matter at this particular time,” the captain said.

He went on to say that when everyone can realize that we’re all human beings with different opinions, things may be different. However, at this time, it is not a good idea to talk politics.

“If there’s anybody who has a problem with this that needs to vent, or rant or rave, there’s another flight tomorrow. You’re not gonna be on this flight. I hope that’s clear,” he said to a cheering crowd.