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Man arrested on animal cruelty charge; Puppy is safe now

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A puppy is healing after it was found severely beaten at an Oklahoma City apartment complex.

Sunday night, a young black and white lab mix puppy, around 4 to 6 months old, was found whining, bleeding and unable to move inside an apartment unit at Quail Lake Apartments, near Penn and Memorial.

Witnesses called police after they said they saw Franklin Maddox violently swinging the puppy back and forth by the neck.

The witnesses also told police they could hear the dog continue to squeal behind closed doors.

"The puppy was seriously injured. When officers got there, they were able to find the suspect. They were able to get the dog to a veterinarian immediately," said Oklahoma City Police Department MSgt. Gary Knight.

Maddox was arrested on a felony animal cruelty charge.

Maddox reportedly told police his dog went to the bathroom inside the apartment and he "corrected it."

Officials said, although the puppy was severely injured, he is safe now.

"He does have some swollen areas, top of his head there and a few small open wounds," said Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary.

Folks with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare said the dog is healing but still very scared.

"I couldn't even imagine somebody doing that. It's terrible," said Phyllis Shatos, a dog owner. "They should try to do that to him and see what happens.”

The pup will remain with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare during this animal cruelty case.