Reports of “Porch Pirates” casing neighborhoods in our area

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BETHANY, Okla. - Heather Parsons didn't want to worry about her package arriving safely, so she had it shipped to the UPS Customer Center off South Portland in Oklahoma City.

“Especially for my business I have a lot of money invested in these packages and so I want to make sure they're safe and just to know they are here and ready for me to pick up at my convenience is very important to me,” Heather said.

We’re receiving recent reports of brazen thieves stealing property off front porches in Bethany.

Porch Pirates jacked Christy Bingham's expensive skin cream from her front porch.

“It's gone. It's not here,” she said. “It's supposed to be here and it's not.”

There’s no telling who stole her package.

Christy has an alarm system, but no surveillance camera.

We’ve previously played video for you of other Porch Pirates caught in the act.

Christy says she's heard of dozens of similar accounts in Bethany.

Thieves are striking during the day and snatching packages off more front porches.

UPS has its Follow My Delivery feature for customers that lets them track their package in real time on a map.

“If customers have a preference where we leave their packages they can sign up for UPS’ free service, UPS My Choice,” UPS Communications Supervisor Sara Everett said. “As a UPS My Choice Member, you can leave messages to where you want your package delivered.”

You can reroute a package, plus you'll get an email or text the day before with a window of when your package will be delivered.

Heather says she'll keeping going back to the friendly faces at the UPS Customer Center.

“It's just a safe place to ship my packages,” she said.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Have them deliver your package when you're home or have it shipped to a neighbor or your workplace.
  • Request packages be delivered where someone can sign for them or instruct your delivery service to leave the package at a side or rear door.
  • You can also customize your delivery and track your package online.
  • FEDEX App
  • UPS App
  • USPS Mobile App
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