City warning Oklahoma residents about high nitrate levels in drinking water

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OKARCHE, Okla. - The signs have been up so long that a lot of people around Okarche are used to them.

In fact, they're posted inside every business in town.

State officials say the water in Okarche has high nitrate levels and they are warning people not to give the water to infants under 6-months-old.

Several years ago, the City of Okarche implemented a cent-and-a-half sales tax to pay for treatment of the city's water supply.

The last time city leaders got an estimate for a treatment plant was nearly eight years ago, and they learned it would likely cost $1.5 million.

Now, they think the cost has probably jumped to about $2 million.

City officials say they will spend the money to buy land just southwest of town for a new treatment facility.