Dog found shot in Oklahoma City undergoes life-saving surgery thanks to program for abandoned pets

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A dog that was found shot in southeast Oklahoma City is alive today, thanks to a program for orphaned dogs that need surgery.

Big Boy, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix, was found shot and left for dead in far southeast Oklahoma City.

He just had surgery to remove the bullet.

Now, he is being cared for at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, waiting on a foster home and a forever home.

In order for a pet to be "adoptable" they have to be healthy.

Often, precious pets with a minor or major medical issue have to be euthanized, because medical care is expensive.

Rita's Angel Fund was set up for animals that need surgery in order to survive.

Thanks to the fund, Big Boy was able to get the live-saving surgery he needed.

Now, his prognosis is good.

He will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.