UPDATE: Oklahoma Insurance Department helps senior after mistakenly signing up for additional coverage

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma senior had a big problem on his hands.

Mike Green called the In Your Corner team after he learned that he couldn't use his Medicare anymore.

He says he thought he was shopping around for cheaper rates, but mistakenly signed up for more health coverage with United Healthcare.

“And, they said ‘You're signed up with United Healthcare,'” Green said. “We can't use your Medicare.”

The In Your Corner team got in touch with the Oklahoma Insurance Department, and now Green is no longer on the hook for the $400 in unpaid premiums to United Healthcare.

“United Healthcare has gone into their system, as well as Medicare has gone in and they have disenrolled Mr. Green back to January 1, 2016, so he will not owe any premiums for the entire year,” Ray Walker, Medicare Divisional Director with the Oklahoma Insurance Department, said. “Now for the claims they say were processed by United, United Healthcare will now go in and take back the payments from those providers."

When Green signed up for United's Medicare Advantage Health Plan, it essentially canceled out his traditional Medicare.

With Walker's help, Green's original coverage is active again.

“Thanks,” Mike said. “I’m glad to have gotten to the right guy.”

We encourage all Medicare enrollees, like Green, to review your coverage during open enrollment, because it could save you hundreds of dollars on premiums.