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Investigation into alleged animal cruelty case ongoing after emaciated horse seized from property

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Authorities are investigating a case of animal cruelty after an emaciated horse was found on a property in Logan County.

On Nov. 28, deputies with the Logan County Sheriff's Office were called to a possible dead horse in a field near the 6200 block of W. Highway 74C.

When deputies got there, they learned that the horse was not dead but was so weak that it could not stand.

According to the police report, deputies had been called to the property earlier in the year after a dead horse was found in the field.

At that time, veterinarians determined that the horse likely died from natural causes and not neglect.

In March, deputies say they spotted a white horse that appeared to be on the thin side, but was not emaciated.

Deputies say they spoke with the horse's owners and told them to keep an eye on him.

However, officials say the horse's condition had deteroirated over the next several months.

This week, the horse was found emaciated and couldn't stand, but it had kicked a trench in the dirt, meaning that he had been down for a while.

Deputies were given a warrant to seize the white horse and four other horses on the property.

Sadly, the white horse did not survive the night.

Officials say they are investigating the animal cruelty case on two people who have claimed ownership of the horses.