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“Bait dog” rescued in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A dog, believed to have been used as bait for dog fighting, was rescued Wednesday in Oklahoma City.

Dozens of cars driving along busy Hefner Road, near Portland, sped by a wandering schnauzer mix, but finally someone stopped to help the little guy.

"I saw him. He was just right up against the fence," said Allyson Jackson. "I didn't really even think about it. I just kind of turned around.”

Using her charming voice and dog treats, Jackson was able to get him to her car.

"He was so skinny, and he had a bunch of sores on his leg and I didn't know what was wrong," Jackson said.

So, she reached out to Haven of Hope Rescue.

The rescue advised her to take the dog she named Herman to its partnering veterinary clinic.

His wounds and dyed fur shocked doctors.

"The ink on him is very classic for dog fighting for a bait dog," said Dr. Kimberly Park with Britton Road Veterinary Clinic. "I can't even begin to understand why someone would do that.”

Herman is now in good hands getting plenty of food, water and tender love and care.

"He's just as happy as can be, so I think he knows he's been saved," Park said.

It is unknown if he was dumped or escaped, but Jackson is just glad she stopped for him.

"He just needed some food and love. So, it was, I mean it's something that you can't really explain how it makes you feel, just because you can tell they're so thankful, and it's just a really good feeling," Jackson said.

Herman will be up for adoption once he is better.

The rescue has a warning for pet owners.

Bait dogs and cats are often stolen out of backyards.

You are advised to keep your pets inside if they are not under supervision.

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