Police: Stillwater newspaper carrier confronted by man high on meth with machete

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STILLWATER, Okla. - It was a shocking morning for a newspaper delivery man.

He was confronted by a man with a machete while tossing papers on Main Street in Stillwater.

It was early Tuesday morning.

"We got a call from a local newspaper carrier. As he was delivering papers on Main Street, he saw a guy walking,” said Stillwater Police Department Captain Kyle Gibbs.

But, what he did was enough for the newspaper carrier to call for help.

"The subject he'd seen walking stopped, turned toward him, pulled a machete out of his pants and started walking toward the carrier,” Gibbs said.

The delivery man called 911:

"A guy pulled out about a four-foot long machete on me out of his pants."

Within minutes, a police officer arrives.

"He sees him and tells him 'Show me your hands,' and the guy pulls the machete out of his pants again,” Gibbs said.

He complies with the officer's demands and gets on the ground.

The suspect is Jose Gomez Rodriguez, and police said he was high on meth.

"The whole incident was very concerning,” Gibbs said. “With the drugs involved, it certainly could have gotten worse quickly."

Police do not know why Rodriguez had the machete.

He spent more than a day in jail at the Stillwater Police Department, sobering up before he was taken to the Payne County Jail.

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