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Moore business owner says former employee scamming Christmas light customers

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MOORE, Okla. - Michael Womack was excited to get Christmas lights on the house he’d just bought.

When he found someone on Facebook,  the man came out to give him a quote.

“He says, 'well you know why waste money on a cashier’s check. I’ll just meet you at the bank. You can give me cash.' Well, that should’ve been my first clue,” said Womack.

Womack says the man happily took that money but could never seem to make it over to do the job,  and kept giving excuse after excuse.

“Came home and his dog was sick, he was having to take him to the vet. And that was about it for me,” said Womack.

Womack told him he wanted his money back and then couldn’t get ahold of him.

Devon Simpson is the owner of Next Level Roofing and he says that man is a former employee.

“I let him go on Friday and then I guess on Saturday he went down to Tuttle, took money from someone else under my business name, offering my insurance and everything,” said Simpson. “It’s embarrassing. I’ve never had one complaint. We go out of our way to make people happy and then we get calls like this.

That couple in Tuttle made a police report after they said that same man took their money without hanging any lights.

“I would ask for references. I would not pay any money, at least not all the money until the job is done,” said Major Michael Scott with the Tuttle Police Department.

After complaining on Facebook, Womack says the man actually refunded his money.

“I didn’t expect him to show up, but he did,” said Womack. “I just hope that the money he paid me, he didn’t scam from somebody else.”

Simpson reached out to Womack offering to get those lights up.

And Womack says he has no hard feelings towards the first person he hired.

“I forgive him. It’s the season for that, right?” said Womack.

We reached out to the man accused of this scam and his wife told us that everyone he took money from has been paid back.

She also said he is not doing this line of work any more.

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