“My heart was pounding,” Neighbors wake woman as fire spread through Oklahoma City home

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Clifford Wilson woke up to an alarming phone call on Friday morning.

"My sister called me and said the neighbors told her that my mom's house was on fire, told me to get out here. So I got out here and all the fire trucks were here,” Wilson said.

On Friday morning, Oklahoma City firefighters were called to a home on S.E. 51st St. after witnesses noticed smoke coming from the house.

However, neighbors didn't wait for fire crews to arrive before making sure that Wilson's mother was safe.

"They say they came and knocked on the door and woke my mom up. I'm thankful for that because she sleeps hard,” Wilson said.

Fortunately, Wilson's mom got out of the home without a scratch.

"My heart was pounding. I just lost my daddy two years ago, so I ain't trying to lose my mom,” Clifford Wilson said.

Fire officials believe the fire started in a heat and air closet and quickly spread throughout the rest of the house.

"Crews got on scene, did a great job, they knocked the fire down in a hurry,” Battalion Chief Chris Black, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, said.

With temperatures continuing to drop, officials say it’s a good time to have your furnace inspected just to be safe.

"Make sure everything is ready to go for the first of the season. When you turn them on, if you've got things stacked around the unit, you know, the heat can catch any paper products or wood products,” Black said.

Black said the smoke detectors inside the house were working properly.

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