‘I knew it was coming from that house,’ Hostage leads police to suspected drug house

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A call for help from a man who claims he was held hostage for days, sparked a day long investigation that brought out the bomb squad and tactical teams.

The police closed the streets for hours near N.W. 17th and Linn as they executed warrants on a home there.

It all started after a 6 a.m. 911 call from a man who said he was imprisoned inside.

"A victim exited that house, ran on N.W. 17th and found a passerby, jumped in that truck, basically said that he was held hostage, that he had been kidnapped, he had been bound and gagged and that there were possibly drugs inside the house," said OKCPD Capt. Paco Balderrama. "Officers came to that location and spotted one individual who ran from the house. That individual was taken into custody and he did have drugs in his possession."

Officers returned to the house with a warrant, and discovered items that could be used to make explosives.

The bomb squad and tactical teams responded as backup, setting a perimeter and keeping people inside their homes.

"I didn't know what to think exactly," said Katie Gilliam, who was returning from work. "But I knew it was coming from that house."

Several people living on the block told NewsChannel 4 the home was bad news, an eyesore and trouble spot in an otherwise friendly, peaceful neighborhood.

Residents say it wasn't uncommon to see police cars at number 2750, which with a broken window and a kicked in door stood in sharp contrast to the other structures on the block.

"Initially we didn't think anybody lived there," Gilliam said. "And then we started seeing people go in and out at odd hours of the day."

After calling in the tactical team, police got a warrant for the other residence in the duplex.

They brought four people out and took them to headquarters for questioning.

"You have a victim that’s being held against his will in this house, we have somebody running from the premises who had drugs in his possession, that makes us think that this was a drug-selling operation," Balderrama said. "It was very opportune that he was able to just break free from inside the house, run out to about a block away, flag down somebody. That person was kind enough to take him to a convenience store nearby and that’s where police were called."

The victim was treated for his injuries at a local hospital, but has since been released.

Eventually, Christopher Layne Stanley and Lacy Davis were arrested in connection to the crime.

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