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Albino deer blamed for serious motorcycle wreck

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - Witnesses say the accident looked so bad, they thought the motorcycle had been crushed by a car.

The rider lost control of his bike on the bridge at 5th and Oklahoma Thursday night.

It wasn't a car, but it was an albino deer that caused the accident.

"I wouldn't want to hit a squirrel on a motorcycle, let alone a deer," Game Warden Wade Farrar said.

Wildlife officials say deer are on the move right now looking for food and a mate.

"So they have been covering a lot of ground. The male looking for a girlfriend, basically," Farrar said.

Guthrie police say the motorcycle didn't strike the deer, but the rider swerved and lost control.

"You can see the scrape marks and the bike is losing contact with the road of the pavement, tumbling," Sgt. Anthony Gibbs told NewsChannel 4.

The rider was thrown more than 100 feet.

His bike came to rest about a  football field length from where he first hit the brakes.

"When officers arrived on scene, they applied first aid. He was unconscious," Gibbs said.

The victim was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital with critical head and spine injuries.

Authorities say he was not wearing a helmet.

Wildlife officials say this is a reminder to all motorists to be aware of the road and the unexpected obstacles that may be lurking in the woods.

"If you see eyes in the ditch, it's a great idea to slow down. It could be a fatal situation," said Farrar.

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