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Sweet tooth leads police to home burglary suspects

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A good detective looks for any piece of evidence to solve a crime.

As it turns out, home burglars left Guthrie police a treasure trove.

"I'd have to say this is the first time candy wrappers have been significant in solving any type of crime that I know of," said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

It all began in a historic neighborhood in east Guthrie, when the victims left their home for the weekend.

When they returned, their home had been ransacked.

"They stole a gun safe from upstairs, very heavy, dragging down the hall, hitting the walls and causing damage inside the house," Gibbs said.

Police said the alleged intruders took the loaded gun safe to the alley behind the home and emptied it.

They also took family heirlooms valued at $13,500.

"Antique watches, personal documents. It was really traumatic to the family to have those things stolen from them. There was a rosary that was also stolen, which had some significance," Gibbs said.

But, police didn't have to look long or hard for the suspects.

In the alley way behind the house, they found drag marks from that gun safe.

They also discovered a trail of candy wrappers reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel.

In all, they found eight blocks of Kit Kat and Reese's wrappers.

"The wrapper trail continued after they dropped the safe, in fact, all the way back to their house. Police got a search warrant and recovered most of the stolen property," Gibbs said.

Police said it's an example of "sweet justice."

Detectives will turn over all the evidence to the district attorney, who will determine if there is enough to issue arrest warrants.

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