A look at game day with OSU’s Money Man, T. Boone Pickens

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STILLWATER, Okla. - The 'House That Boone Built,' Boone Pickens Stadium on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, is a testament to OSU's Money Man and his financial doting on his alma mater.

Pickens has given a half billion dollars to OSU through the years.

When I spent game day with Pickens, the alumni outside the stadium parking lot were practically waiting in line to thank him for the investment he has made in the school athletically and academically.

“I need to thank you for what you’ve done for this school,” said one former student when she walked up to him.

She brought her family to the game.

“And, thank you for the future of my two children who will become students here.”

And, Pickens of course is passionate about his beloved Cowboys on the field and is not afraid to show his frustration when the team doesn’t perform up to his standards.

“Boy, I don’t understand that call,” he said while watching the game against Texas Tech from his suite on the 50 yard line.

Pickens understands what his money has meant to the school.

"In 2005, we gave the 165 million,” Pickens told me. “And, I said ‘This, now we're going to be competitive,’ and that has pretty well happened.”

But, even more important to Pickens than the millions of dollars he has given to OSU and the adulation he gets for those donations is being part of the Cowboy family.

“Well, I see it more as we're all kinda in the deal together,“ Pickens said. “Sure, I know I gave a lot of money and my name's on the stadium, but there's a helluva a lot more to it than that."

Also, it's no secret there has been some friction between Pickens and head football coach Mike Gundy.

Both are very competitive and dynamic individuals.

But, Pickens said earlier this year "coach Gundy and I are united in the belief that the school is bigger than both of us and I wish Coach Gundy well."

All part of being OSU’s Money Man.

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