Judge decides on motions to ban families from showing emotion, change of venue for OSU homecoming crash case

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Adacia Chambers

STILLWATER, Okla. – Several motions filed by the defense of a woman accused of driving through the 2015 OSU homecoming parade were overruled by a Payne County judge.

Last October, prosecutors allege Adacia Chambers intentionally drove her car into the crowd watching the OSU homecoming parade.

Four people died, and nearly four dozen others were injured.

Chambers is charged with four counts of second- degree murder and 42 counts of assault and battery.

Recently, her defense filed several motions, including banning victims’ families from showing emotion in the courtroom during testimony. The defense argues this would cause the jury to sympathize with those family members.

Another motion, not to allow pictures of the deceased or autopsy photos during trial.

Chambers’ attorney also wanted to suppress statements that she made at the scene including witness testimony that she wanted to kill herself because she wanted to be free.

The defense argues these statements were made before the defendant was read her rights.

The prosecution argued those statements were voluntary.

All four motions were overruled by the judge during a hearing Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday afternoon, the judge was tasked with deciding if it is possible to find unbiased jurors for the case in Stillwater.

The defense was asking for a change of venue for the trial.

However, the judge ultimately decided to keep the trial in Payne County.

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