Muslim women may soon no longer be allowed to wear face-covering burqas in Germany

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a thunderous round of applause after calling for a ban on all full-veil burqas worn in public.

Merkel was addressing German's main conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, when she said, "A full veil is inappropriate in our country."

Merkel said burqas "should be banned wherever legally possible. It does not belong in our country."

The chancellor continued, "In interpersonal communication, which plays a fundamental role here, we show our face."

Germany saw a mass influx of migrants last year after Merkel approved letting nearly 900,000 asylum-seekers into Germany who were stuck in Hungary.

Those numbers have declined since last year, however, Merkel ran unopposed and won another two-year-term as the leader of German's CDU, after stressing her intentions of banning face-covering veils and speeding up deportations.

Many other countries have also enacted a full-veil-in-public burqa ban, including France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, parts of Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Syria.

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