Preteen looking for a permanent home in the city, still thinks about failed adoption

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Rohon is quiet at first, but he's just like any other boy when you get him to open up.

Rohon is a city boy at heart, but he has lived on a ranch with his foster family for years.

He spends his days fishing, playing video games and beating his case workers at checkers.

Although he enjoys fishing, he wants to get away from farm life, because he doesn't like the chores.

Instead, he'd rather be in the kitchen.

"I want to be a chef," he said.

Rohon's caseworkers describe him as good-natured, and they said he gets along well with other children.

It's probably one of the reasons he enjoys going to school and riding the school bus.

Rohon said he's ready to be adopted after four years in state custody.

He is looking for a stable environment as a contrast to a difficult past.

"I've been here three years, and I want to get out of foster care. I almost got adopted until the family wasn't ready for me,” Rohon said.

He said he still thinks about that failed adoption.

His easy smile and fun personality is proof the preteen has a bright future with the right family to guide him into adulthood.

Visit for more information on adopting a child.

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