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Oklahoma neighborhoods receive watchful eyes during the holidays

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NEWALLA, Okla. - With 150 square miles, Reserve Deputy Louis Gomez has a lot of ground to cover.

That's why the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department is increasing 'holiday patrols.'

"The goal is to put them out in the neighborhoods all around the county areas," said Spokesman Mark Opgrande.

The department is using many of the 150 volunteer reserves, like Gomez, to let would-be thieves know they are out in force.

Their job is to look for anything suspicious.

"It is a sixth sense. If it doesn't look right, it probably not right," Gomez told us.

Newalla resident Diane Long is grateful for the added protection.

"I would never be safe without people that care," she told us.

Reserve deputies are also looking for unattended packages and getting them inside before a crook can grab them.

"The lady was in the back of the house, watching TV, doing yoga. She had five-six packages on the front porch, so we moved those in for her," Opgrande said.

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every single day, deputies are on patrol.

We were with Gomez when he met one resident.

"Just checking on you."

"Glad to know you're on the job."

On the job and keeping an eye out for you this holiday season.

"I believe, with our presence out there, people won't commit any crimes as soon as they see a black and white," Gomez said.