Creating your own chalkboard holiday door hanger

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Decorating your home is a lot of fun during this time of the year, and adding your own creative touch makes decorations even more meaningful.

Emily Buckingham, with Crafting & Cocktails,  stopped by our studios to show how to make a a chalkboard holiday door hanger for your home.

Acrylic Paint, chalkboard paint
Painters Tape
String to Tie
Hot glue gun, with glue sticks
Chalk pen
Clear Sealant Spray

1. Paint a thin coat of white paint onto your piece of plywood.
2. Tape your stripes and paint the non taped parts red.
3. Peel your tape and paint a black chalkboard circle.
4. Allow that to dry, then paint a green wreath around it, then seal the entire board with a thin coat of clear spray paint.
5. Once that dries, attach your ribbon and tie your string.
6. Hang it on your door to welcome your guests, or set it in a plate stand to enjoy throughout the season!
7. You can use a chalk pen to change out your holiday verbiage! **Pro Tip: use windex to remove your chalk pen, works better than anything else! OR just paint black acrylic paint over it every time for a cleaner look. Completely up to you!