High school freshman accused of molesting children

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A 17-year-old boy is under arrest, accused of lewd acts with children years younger than him.

NewsChannel 4 is not reporting the boy's name or showing his mug shot because he is a minor, but police say they arrested him for actions that have taken place since May 2015.

"The person who called mentioned it was possible this person was preying upon other children in the neighborhood," said OKCPD MSgt. Gary Knight. "There's numerous victims. Possibly more that we don't know about."

Police say over the last year and a half, the boy inappropriately touched and had other lewd contact with four children, ages 7, 8, 9 and 10.

They may have been the boy's cousins, according to a police report.

The Department of Human Services investigated before handing the case over to OKCPD.

In one case, according to a police report, the boy held a girl's arms down, got on top of her, pulled her clothes down and made inappropriate contact.

"Cases of this nature are very convoluted," Knight said, explaining why it took more than a year to make an arrest. "They take a long time to investigate and they're very detail oriented and there's lots of victims that must be interviewed."

Juveniles are not always jailed when accused of crimes, but Knight said the boy's charges met the criteria to send him to the Oklahoma County Jail.

Those charges include violent crime and sex crime, a jail spokesman said.

Police are still investigating and encourage any other victims to come forward.