Kindergartners caught passing loaded gun around after finding it in classroom

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No one was hurt at North College Hill Elementary.

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio – Parents in Ohio are still in shock after they learned that a loaded gun was passed around a classroom of kindergarten students.

According to WCPO, a 5-year-old student found a gun that was loaded with two rounds in a kindergarten classroom at North College Hill Elementary School.

Investigators say the students began passing around the gun, which got the attention of the teacher.

She immediately took the gun away and called police.

Despite the quick action by police, many parents are upset about the school’s notification.

“If that gun wasn’t on safety, you know, our son could’ve been dead,” said Brian Gracey, whose son attends the kindergarten class. “It’s unacceptable for them not to tell us. I think when they found out, and our son was involved with these five kids, we should’ve been notified ASAP.”

At this point, authorities say they do not know whose gun it is or how it ended up in the classroom. However, they are tracking the gun’s serial number to find the owner.