Porch pirates plunder Christmas packages

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla -- Not far behind a delivery truck, a suspicious car rolled into a NW Edmond neighborhood.

Homeowner, Didier Drablier said, "The car was two minutes behind them. We think the thieves were following them."

Mr. Drablier was home but ignored his barking Schnauzer.

When he finally went to investigate, the Edmond homeowner watched a team of thieves in an older model white car -- race away from his house.

Drablier told us, "He ran to the car, jumped in and took off. It was a hatchback and all the back was full of boxes. It looked like Santa's sleigh with his two helpers."

The car and one of the suspects was caught on a neighbor's security camera.

He too was victimized.

The "porch pirates" stole a FedEx package containing a $1,300 collector pocket knife.

Neighbor, Diane Drablier said, "They worked hard for those items. For them to disappear it's very frustrating."

The Drabliers' lost several Christmas packages shipped from California, including presents for their new granddaughter. "She's one year old. Her first Christmas. It's sad. I think we're very trustworthy and we never expect things to happen to us. This neighborhood is very quiet."

Oklahoma County reserve deputies are increasing neighborhood patrols in during the holidays.

Spokesman, Mark Opgrande said, "The longer those packages sit out there the more a thief has to come by and take it."

The Drablier family just hopes the security photos can help authorities capture the Grinch who stole their Christmas.

Authorities are looking for this suspect. If you have information, call police.