TSA offers tips for traveling during the holiday season

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Transportation Security Administration officials have some reminders for you as you head to the airport this holiday season.

"Unfortunately at OKC, we collect about 80 pounds of prohibited items per month,” Steve Crawford, the Federal Security Director for Oklahoma TSA, said.

Knives, chains, even a knife hidden inside a tube of lipstick are just a few prohibited things Oklahoma City TSA officers have found at the airport security check point.

“We found this one, I believe a few weeks ago. We found this knife in somebody’s bag, they were trying to bring it on and the same with this Bowie knife,” Gordon Ridings, a TSA officer, said.

Knives, guns, even fake weapons are all on the prohibited carry-on list.

“This isn’t a real firearm, just a replica, but since it’s a steel frame, steel slide, when it comes through the X-ray, it looks exactly like a firearm. So we have to call our managers, local supervisors and we call local law enforcement,” Ridings said.

If you do want to travel with a firearm, there is a process to pack it in your checked bag.

“First, you need to go to the airlines, tell them you would like to declare your firearm. They will hand you a declaration. Here’s a Delta, here’s a Southwest, declares your firearm is unloaded and that it’s in a hard lock sided case and everything,” Ridings said.

Also, the magazine cannot have rounds in it or be placed in the firearm.

Another reminder from TSA is about the three-in-one rule.

“Passengers can carry three ounces or smaller for their liquid space and gels. They can carry as many of those as they want as long as they fit inside one one-quart baggie,” Ridings said.

If you’re wondering if you can carry an item on, you can tweet TSA at @askTSA.