OHP investigating fatal crash that killed Dibble teenager

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DIBBLE, Okla. - Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a fatal crash that took the life of a Dibble teenager.

It happened Tuesday afternoon on MacArthur just outside the town in McClain county.

An 18-year-old was the driver, and he had three 16-year-old passengers.

According to the initial OHP report, the truck was traveling southbound on MacArthur when it departed the roadway to the right, overcorrected, departing the roadway to the left and over turned one and a half times.

Garrett Early, 16, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early, the driver and another passenger were all ejected from the truck.

Early’s family said another 16-year-old who served the wreck told them the driver was traveling 100 miles per hour down the country road and the truck went airborne and bottomed out just before departing the roadway.

“I told him, I said 'Make sure you’re home plenty ahead of time for school today.' Said 'I will, Dad.' Said 'I love you.' I said 'I love you, too.' And, that was the end of it,” said Garrett Early.

Those were the last words Garrett Early said to his son, who shares his same name.

“Just makes me wish I’d have hugged him, you know, but you never know,” Early said.

“My brother didn’t deserve to die. He doesn’t deserve any of what happened to him,” said Early’s step-sister, Emily Payne.

Early said he had warned his son about his friends’ love for speed.

“They like to go fast. These kids had hot rod trucks. And, I tried to tell them these back roads, you can’t be flying down back roads,” Early said.

The family now believes the driver should be criminally charged.

“He knew better than to do 100 down a back road. And, he didn’t care who he hurt or whose life got lost. He didn’t care about any of their families. He was just wanting to go fast,” Payne said.

And, Payne said it doesn’t matter she and Early were not related by blood.

“I was as close to him as I was my real sister. He was my best friend. And, it’s going to be hard without him,” Payne said.

Early’s family hopes the crash that took him from them serves as a lesson to other teenage drivers that taking these kinds of risks has real consequences.

Payne said the 16-year-old girl injured in the crash broke her neck and her back in three different places.

The driver was admitted to the hospital in good condition.

And, the other 16-year-old passenger was treated and released.

Right now, OHP lists the condition of the driver and the cause of the crash as “under investigation.”

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