Our Favorite Place was an abandoned building in Eufaula 5 years ago. You should see it now.

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EUFAULA, OKLAHOMA -- It might be the one place in Oklahoma where you can travel the state in just a few steps.

"We have a little bit of everything," says store proprietor Karen Weldin.

Bedre Chocolates in Sulphur to Little River Pottery in Tecumseh is maybe ten feet.

"Of course, I'm a little prejudiced," says Weldin holding up a coffee mug. "They made a cup that features Our Favorite Place."

Rustic Cuff Jewelry in Tulsa all the way to Grandpa Salter's Pecan Candy in Eufaula is just from the front of Karen Weldin's place to the coffee counter.

Karen boasts, "Made locally, right here."

Five years ago where we're standing was an abandoned building on Main Street Eufaula.

Weldin bought it than had to figure out what to do with it.

She thought 'Made in Oklahoma', and Our Favorite Place was born.

A store visitor asks, "Has it changed much in the past 4 and a half years? Have you added more stuff?"

"Oh sure," she answers. "We've probably doubled the number of artists and vendors in here."

Karen had to do some research first.

She had to shake the trees to find things like Prairie Gypsy Apricot Mustard and rattlesnake belt maker Rodney Helms.

He makes back scratchers too.

Weldin holds up a long stick with a chicken foot on the end and says, "That's a back scratcher."

Now Oklahoma makers know where to find her.

"Any festival I go to I'm always meeting somebody new," she says. "making something new in Oklahoma."

It's an interesting mix, kind of like the place to which it caters.

From AAA to the edge of No Man's Land, Karen just threw everything in and followed closely to see what her customers bought.

Karen holds two tiny t-shirts that say 'Born Okie' and quips, "We have them in all sizes."

Flavored sugar, feather art, and tree frogs.

"You name it, we probably have it," says Weldin.

She has them in some form or another.

Our Favorite Place has developed into the kind of place where you can enjoy getting lost for a while.

Karen Weldin's favorite place is a good spot in here where she can watch that happen.

For more information about Our Favorite Place including what's there and special events go to http://www.ourfavoriteplace.com

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