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Finding lost, forgotten life insurance policies for loved ones

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OKLAHOMA CITY – If you are looking for a lost or forgotten life insurance policy, it can be a hassle.

The NAIC Lost Life Policy Locator is similar to the program launched in Oklahoma in March of 2015, and helps connect your with those lost policies.

However, there are other ways for you to find out about lost or forgotten life insurance policies.

Search records: If you’re searching for a deceased loved one’s policy, check their financial records or storage areas for a policy, records of premium payments or bills from an insurer. Also, contact their employer, insurance agent, financial planner, account or attorney to see if they know about a life insurance policy. You will also want to check safe-deposit boxes, monitor the mail for premium invoices or whole-life dividend notices, and check old income tax returns.

Contact the insurer: If you suspect that a particular insurer underwrote the policy, contact that carrier’s claim office. Make sure to have your loved one’s date of birth, Social Security number and address. Contact information of some big insurers include: Prudential 800-778-2255; MetLife; AIG 800-888-2452; Nationwide 800-848-6331; John Hancock – click on “Contact Us” then on “Account Search Request.”

Search unclaimed property: If your loved one died more than a few years ago, benefits may have already been turned over to the unclaimed property office of teh state where the policy was purchased. Go to to search records from 40 states. The pull down menu under links connects you to a map and addresses for unclaimed property agencies.

Search fee-based services: There are several businesses that offer policy locator services for a fee. The MIB Group charges $75 and only tracks applications for individual policies made since 1996. Policy Inspector costs $99 and LLIFE costs $108.50.