“It was not something that we had anticipated,” Mother Nature surprises Oklahoma drivers after over 100 crashes, 3 fatalities

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OKLAHOMA - Mother Nature surprised Oklahoma drivers Thursday evening.

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting this at all," said Vickie Easley.

During rush hour, cold mist mixed with freezing temperatures caused roadways to become slick and dangerous.

"It was not something that we had anticipated. We have a weather forecaster that provides forecasts for us, and this just wasn't in the forecast," said Kristy Yager.

In the metro, over 100 crashes backed up traffic, including at least three fatalities, one at I-240 near Penn.

"That's really bad and sad," said Laura Bitel.

"Prayers with them because, yeah, I mean that's usually what happens, is when it's unexpected like that," Easley said.

Oklahoma City crews are now out in full force, treating the roads.

"We're going to have crews out tonight until the bridges and overpasses are clear. So, if that means they're working 12 hours or more, then, that's what's going to happen," Yager said.

The city asks drivers to to use extreme caution, even on treated areas.

"People need to be vigilant. They just need to have, make sure that there's plenty of space between them and the car in front of them, not just be very careful," Yager said.

"If you don't have to be out in it, don't be out in it," Easley said.

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